I discovered my passion for music at age 8 after obtaining my first drum kit. My dad introduced me to classic rock, new wave, jazz, and funk early on, and these genres of music heavily influenced me to explore my creative side. Around age 13, I picked up an old guitar lying around my garage and used YouTube to begin teaching myself how to write songs. Around this time, I began exploring more genres of music, including metal and 90's rock, which influenced me to pick us bass guitar as well.

I then began playing in terrible metal bands with my friends, which then evolved into more tolerable alt-rock bands around the time I turned 16. During this time, I had no interested in electronic music or hip hop, as I disregarded them as genres that didn't require any "real talent". I downloaded the 30 day free trial of Ableton Live to prove to some friends how easy it is to make "beats", but I quickly realized I had a true passion for DAW production. I started listening exclusively to hip hop, chill wave, vaporwave, synth pop, and other forms of electronic music.

At 17, my passion for synthesizers was born after I bought the Korg MS-20 mini, a basic monophonic analog synth. I quickly became addicted to hardware synthesis and sound design, and I had to do whatever it took to get my hands on the next piece of gear. In the summer of 2016, I released my first solo album "Nighttime Echoes" on all major streaming platforms. This album was a creation of my early interests in synthesizers, Ableton, and sound design.

By 11th grade, I knew I was waisting my time in high school. I took the GED, and immediately enrolled in the Los Angeles Recording School for an associates' degree in Music Production. During this time, I greatly expanded my knowledge on production, from using DAWs to mixing, mastering, recording, songwriting, music theory, and sound design. I teamed up with San Diego native Deveraux Jennings to form DGTL CLR, and we immediately began doing performances in San Diego, including at the world famous Belly Up Tavern. I also began expanding my collection of synthesizers, as well as my knowledge of piano playing and jazz harmony. In addition, released my first homemade music video for my single "Evil".

My quest for knowledge and collection of synthesizers manifested itself into the instrumental project known as "Game Boi Adv." I started a Soundcloud page for an outlet to release rough synth-based demos just for the sake of releasing.This project quickly became my most popular, and the total plays counts at over 100,000 today. The songs are now much more full fledged and experimental. 

It also resulted in the creation of Internet Fashion Records. I founded this label with the mission to pool together the incredible journey of musical exploration that I find myself and many of my peers enveloped in. You can access all sorts of incredible releases on our Bandcamp, as well as explore all sorts of live videos and content at YouTube.

Today, I am still with DGTL CLR, and we are seeking label representation for our debut album. I also play keyboards in the psych/jazz rock outfit Jubilo Drive with lifelong friend and collaborator Jordan Kleinman. In addition, I play session drums with Silverlake shoe-gazers Cuesta Loeb, and I work as an intern at Roland. 

My quest for musical knowledge and fulfillment continues every day, and I am excited every day for the new opportunities that DGTL CLR, Jubilo Drive, Cuesta Loeb, Game Boi Adv, and I will come across in the future.